Max Darra XVIII
18th successive guild meeting!

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Max Darra XVIII - 10.04.2017

We're fast closing in to the 18th successive guild meeting, which will be held in bit less than 4 months from now. Be sure to check out the Facebook events page if you're interested in a week of cabin action in eastern finland.

Event page can be found  here

Christmas break mode enabled - 13.12.2016

Moving on to a christmas break for a week or two, from 15.12 to 4.1. We'll check the roster situation and our plans for Nighthold in January. Thanks for everyone who participated in the merry wipefests of 2016! Even while raiding with challenging timetables and skeleton crew, stuff got downed and lewts were had.

Slow mode, meeting number 18 plans underway - 09.12.2016

Nothing new to report from the frontlines. After some lineup changes and exploding power supplies, we have once again been reduced to clearing HC with a core of 9 peeps. No pulls on HC ToV yet either. Farm goes smoothly and loots are utter shit, as usual.

In other relevant news, guild meeting XVIII plans are well underway. We'll keep you posted on facebook, and there will also be a microsite this year for meet related stuff. Stay tuned!

Trial of Valor 3/3, Helya DOWN! - 21.11.2016

After long and arduous training period on Helya, we managed to squeeze a kill out last night. Good job team!

Trial of Valor 2/3 - 09.11.2016

Well, we tapped the new raid last night. Pretty good trip in the end, managed to down a few bosses, not too shabby for a bunch of old drunks eh?

Emerald Nightmare HC 7/7, Xavius DOWN! - 07.11.2016

And down goes the big roid fairy! Was it like 4th pull of the night or something like that? Relatively easy actually!

Emerald Nightmare HC 6/7, Cenarius DOWN! - 06.11.2016

After a good number of training pulls on Cenarius, we nailed down the fight. Roid fairy dude, you're up next!


Current WoW PvE progress:

Trial of Valor (HC) 0/3

Trial of Valor (normal) 3/3

Emerald Nightmare (HC) 7/7

Emerald Nightmare (normal) 7/7

Vids or it didn't happen:

Trial of Valor [N]
Xavius [H]
Elerethe Renferal [H]
Heart of Corruption [H]
Dragons of Nightmare [H]
Ursoc [H]
Lich King - Part 1 Lich King - Part 2
Professor Putricide
Iron Council
Kel'Thuzad - part 1 Kel'Thuzad - part 2
Mimiron - part 1 Mimiron - part 2
Eredar Twins

More stuff on Juni's Youtube channel here

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