XX is done, back to Azeroth

Not much to write about really. MD XX was concluded, a week of drunken haze and tons of liver damage later, people returned from the wilderness, wowing to never imbibe alcohol again.

In other news, WoW classic release is drawing closer, and we are propably going to see if we can get at least some of the old band back together for some of that vanilla action. Check the discord links for more info on those plans.


Last chance peeps, XX is almost here! We can still accommodate few late arrivals if you feel like joining all the fun and games.


5.7.2019 -13.7.2019

Ye olde prophecies told of their return. You chose not to heed their warnings. Luckily there is still time to prepare... Once again, we will embark upon a great journey to the very heart of dankness: the wild yonder of the forests of eastern finland. Old men, commonly found in the corners of every tavern in every town, still whisper tales of such event with a glint of fear in their cloudy eyes. Max Darra. Yes, this IS Max Darra...



With epic we mean mostly drunken and crazy. Tanks falling asleep on breaks. People going into a bar during molten core clear. Warlocks exploding like fireworks after ripping aggro on giants. Endless DPS races among rogues and mages. Always blaming the healers, never waiting for 5 sunders. Always standing in the fire.


Mograine [EU PVP] Alliance, PM Darker

Mograine [EU PVP] Horde

Gehennas [EU PVP] Horde

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